WATCH: Zille more determined than ever to expose Zuma


Democratic Alliance supporters sing and dance outside the High Court in Pretoria on Thursday, 4 September 2014 ahead of the handover of the so-called Jacob Zuma "spy tapes" to the party's leader Helen Zille.

JOHANNESBURG - After a five-year battle, the so-called Zuma &39;spy tapes&39; were handed over to the Democratic Alliance on Thursday.

"In this envelope, which is in a tamper-proof bag, we have what we believe are transcripts of the tapes and other incidental documents as well as a memory stick which we believe accurately reflects the contents of the tapes," Zille said.

"We have a forensic computing expert, Danny Myburgh... who will take this bag from me. I have this bag only in his presence after the deputy judge president gave it to our attorney."

Zille spoke to eNCA about her intentions with the evidence she now has.

Listen to her interview in the gallery.