July off to an icy start

Snow accumulation

Accumulated snowfall for Eastern Cape on Monday

CAPE TOWN - It’s a cold start to a new month, with a massive dip in temperatures across South Africa. 

A large cold front moved in over the western part of the country on Sunday night.

It brings good rain over much of the country, and a light dusting of snow to tops of the Matroosberg, Sneeuberge and Swartberge.

The southern Drakensberg and surrounding high lying areas in the Eastern Cape can also expect snowfall on Monday. 

Maximum Temperature

South Africa's Maximum Temperatures 1 July

Although not unusual for this time of year, a front that causes widespread cooling hasn't recently been experienced. 

Temperatures are 8 to 14°C cooler than Sunday over the central parts.

Some maximums in the Northern Cape will remain below 10°C, whilst many will remain in the low- and mid-teens across South Africa.


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