Major winter cold front to hit South Africa


Snowfall in the Eastern Cape

Winter is now here in earnest and we are already seeing considerable drops in temperatures with cooler days and chilly nights.

However, it was unseasonably warm on Tuesday and Wednesday across the Western and Eastern Cape, as well as along the coastal areas of the Northern Cape due to berg wind conditions.

A berg wind is a hot, dry wind blowing off the interior plateau of South Africa, roughly at right angles to the coast. Berg winds usually occur in winter when there is a low-pressure system along the coastal areas with a high-pressure system over the continent.

On Thursday evening a strong cold front is expected to move over the south-western coast, bringing overnight rain for the Cape Metropole, spreading along the coastline and into the adjacent interior.

On Friday the cold front will push in more cloud and bring cold and wet weather into the interior of the Western Cape, along the south coast and the Eastern Cape.

Those parts of South Africa should see a huge drop in temperatures from Friday into the weekend.


The cold front will sweep over the eastern parts of the Eastern Cape through Friday into Saturday, bringing more rain, cold weather and light snowfalls in places.

Light flurries of snow are possible on the high mountain peaks of the Eastern Cape and Lesotho but nothing major or disruptive.

Annette Venter