Gift of the Givers hospital damaged in airstrike


A man watches smoke rising following a US-led coalition airstrike on Kobane, Syria, from the Turkish side of the border, near Suruc district, Sanliurfa, Turkey, 26 October 2014. Kurdish rebels have regained a strategic hill in Kobane from IS militants.

JOHANNESBURG - Gift of the Givers hospital in Darkoush, Syria, has been damaged by mortar fire.

The facility was built by the South African aid group.
No causalities have been reported but windows were shattered and doors destroyed. 
A team of South African doctors last visited the hospital in 2013. 
Gift of the Givers says the latest attack is believed to come from the government regime.
A spate of attacks in the area is linked to the downing of a fighter jet, and the search for a missing pilot.
The hospital treats close to ten-thousand patients monthly.
For a detailed report, watch the video above.

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