Anti-bullying video: Boys mom accused of racism


File: New legislation signed into law increases the maximum prison time from four to five years for inciting hatred online.

JOHANNESBURG – The mother of a United States boy who appears in an anti-bullying video has been accused of racism.

The video, which shows the boy tearfully talking about being bullied at school, went viral, prompting an outpouring of support from Hollywood celebrities, musicians, athletes, and others.

Keaton Jones&39;s mother posted the video on Facebook on Friday, writing that her son asked her to make it after he was picked on at school.

But the story has since taken a murky turn, with several people on social media claiming to have evidence of offensive and possibly racist posts made by the boy&39;s mother, Kimberly.

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In screengrabbed posts on social media, pictures allegedly posted on the woman’s account show what appears to be her family standing with the Confederate flag.

The Confederacy has a hurtful history in America for many.

It fought for the preservation slavery and oppression during the Civil War.