Girls who reported on war in Ghouta reach safe haven


A screen grab of two young Syrian girls, Noor and Alaa Alkhateeb, who have been reporting via social media on the conflict in Ghouta, have reached safety.



JOHANNESBURG - Two little girls, Noor and Alaa Alkhateeb, who became famous on social media by reporting on Syria&39;s devastating civil war, have been rescued from Syria&39;s besieged city of Ghouta.

The Alkhateeb family are now safe in Dharkoush with South African aid organisation Gift of the Givers.

The rescue was a collaboration between eNCA and the Gift of the Givers Foundation.

The littles girls&39; mother Shams Alkhateeb sent eNCA a video with an update of their journey.

"Now we are in... with my daughters and my husband, my family. Look at the people here they are very tired we spent most of the hours in the street and we are in need of about 5 hours to arrive to Hama," Shams Alkatheeb, the girls&39; mother said.

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Gift of the Givers Director Imtiaz Sooliman said, "You can see from the tweets they sent out and the communication, they are very strong-minded people, both the lady and even the kids.

"Noor at that age very strong minded, strong willed, very clear of what they want, what they see, clear of the circumstances inside Ghouta and all of Syria.

"They are very pleased that they are coming to safety but also very sad.

"When we spoke to her two days ago, she spoke to the Yemeni guy and she told him, &39;all our lives we&39;ve lived in Ghouta. We don&39;t have family outside Ghouta, where are we going to go to, stay, do&39;.

"So I want to say safety is paramount. Get out of Ghouta and we will make arrangements for you and try to help as many other people as possible.

"She&39;s ecstatic now we followed up on our promise that a driver met her and they are on the way to the hospital."

Commenting on the power of social media, Sooliman said, "A knife could be used to cut bread or kill somebody, social media is the same you can put positive stories out or destroy someone....his own spirituality and make-up that makes him good or bad."

*View the attached video where eNCA&39;s Narissa Subramoney gives deeper insight into the story.

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