Traditional Chinese Medicine association founded in east Germany

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Collection of different body parts of sharks, including fins and tongues. Chinese Medicine in a chinese pharmacy in Yokohama, Japan. Traditional Chinese Medicine association founded in east Germany

BERLIN — The first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) association for Chinese doctors in Germany was founded in the eastern German city of Dresden on Saturday.

The founding ceremony has attracted over 80 guests, including TCM doctors, representatives of other TCM associations and people from China and Germany who are interested in TCM.

According to Cen Chunhua, head of the association, TCM was introduced to Germany in the 1950s and has made great contributions to the well being of German people, but most of the Chinese TCM doctors are only allowed to practice as naturopathy physicians in Germany nowadays.

“Our aim is to improve the status of TCM in Germany and guarantee the legal rights of Chinese TCM doctors.” said Cen.

Professor Rolf Pfrengle, rector of Dresden University of Applied Sciences, is one of the German guests at the scene. With awareness of TCM’s important role in Germany’s health care field, he said he wants his university to become a cooperator of the association.

Professor Li Jianbing from China’s Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine used to work as a TCM expert in Dresden in 2003. This time his university has reached agreements with the association to set up a China-Germany TCM Culture Exchange Center.

“We will shoulder the responsibilities together to promote the development of TCM in Germany,” Li said.

An academic forum about TCM was held on Saturday afternoon, in which TCM doctors from Germany, Britain and the Netherlands shared their experience in acupuncture, infertility treatment and TCM external preparation. 

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