Central Africans sick of 'peacekeepers'

Allegations of rape by UN troops, supposedly deployed to keep the peace, have loosened tongues about their misconduct in the destitute nation.

Libya rival government calls for regional action on migrants

The country cannot stem the flow of migrants alone, says the justice minister in the Tripoli government.

Egypt sentences dozens of alleged Islamists in mass trial

A court in the southern province of Sohag sentenced 22 people to life, 37 people to 15 years in prison and eight to 10 years in prison.

War crimes complaint filed against Chad leader Deby

Idriss Deby who overthrew Hissene Habre in 1990 has been accused of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture by some of hid victims, their lawyer said.

Egypt billionare offers to buy island for refugees

Greece or Italy sell me an island, I'll call its independence and host the migrants and provide jobs for them building their new country, the Egyptian said on Twitter.

Darfur rebels release 18 prisoners: Red Cross

The ICRC said it assisted in the transfer of 13 Sudanese Armed Forces personnel, three policemen and two civilians released by the Sudan Liberation Army–Abdul Wahid.

Zimbabwe minister charged with corruption

The minister allegedly received US$60,000 from a white tobacco farmer to protect him from being evicted from the farm which was gazetted by government for resettlement purposes.

Twin suicide attack kills 30 in north Cameroon

The attacks were launched three days after Boko Haram gunmen on horseback killed dozens of people in a village across the border in northeast Nigeria's Borno state.


'No resource bias' in China's Africa investments

China tends to prefer politically stable environments in which to make investments in Africa, write Wenjie Chen and Heiwai Tang.


Race to be the first black African in space hots up

A Nigerian who was part of the AU's Ebola response team and two South Africans are competing to become the first black African in space.