Richard Poplak The Meyiwa Syndrome: How three dead men explain a country

Following the death of three men, Richard Poplak wonders if the country isn't hardwired to kill its young.

Dylan Rogers Proteas bowling still needs fine-tuning

If the World Cup were to start tomorrow chances are one would find the make-up of the batting a more straightforward assignment than that of the bowling.

Angelo Fick Housing, history, and humanity in South Africa

Angelo Fick was tacken aback by the housing minister's remark that people under 40 in South Africa would not be getting free housing.

Georgina Guedes Let it go, South Africa

Justice has been served. Whatever you may believe Oscar Pistorius to be guilty of, an appropriate sentence has been handed down for the crime.

Greg Nicolson Pistorius: Five years (or less) for killing Reeva

On Tuesday Judge Masipha sentenced Oscar Pistorius to a maximum of five years in prison. Greg Nicolson, who covered the trial, looks back.

Ari Seirlis Oscar - you can still make a difference

Ari Seirlis, from QuadPara Association of South Africa, says Oscar Pistorius needs to man up and take his punishment.

Richard Poplak The face of apart hate

How AfriForum made the angriest band in South Africa famous, by Richard Poplak.

Georgina Guedes Owls and savages

There is outrage over the decapitation of owls in Alexandra. But Georgina Guedes believes it is misplaced.

Greg Nicolson Pistorius trial: The final days

Greg Nicolson previews the Oscar Pistorius sentencing process and asks what it may mean for the public’s perception of the justice system.

Dylan Rogers Everyone's a loser in Pietersen tragedy

Deficiencies in his personality, coupled with English cricket being unable to effectively manage him, have resulted in the cricket world being deprived of Kevin Pietersen's talent.

Simon Stephens The Ubuntu of Punch

There are many parallels between South Korea and South Africa other than the commonality of a downward geo-positional etymology.

Georgina Guedes Dewani: Trial of the year, Season 2, Week 1

Another month, another murder trial. Georgina Guedes takes a look at why SA can’t possibly muster the enthusiasm for another telling of the man-murders-intimate-partner story.

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