Angelo Fick Read between the lines

During Banned Books week, Angelo Fick ponders why books are still being banned.

Angelo Fick Five must-read books banned in apartheid South Africa

Angelo Fick reviews five books that were banned in South Africa during apartheid.

Angelo Fick Heritage beyond culture, culture beyond costume

Angelo Fick reflects on Heritage Month and looks at what South Africans refer to when they 'celebrate' heritage.

Georgina Guedes What we’ve learnt from shaming the pharmaceutical CEO

A pharmaceutical company CEO who inflated the price of a life-saving drug has been properly schooled by social media. Georgina Guedes believes the end doesn’t justify the means.

Georgina Guedes That baby in the European Parliament? Not a role model for us all

Photos of an Italian MEP who takes her baby to parliament have been circulating on Facebook. Georgina Guedes says this is not how accommodating workplaces should look.

Angelo Fick Homo sapiens sapiens, walking

In the time since we split off as our own hominid species, our march towards our present can give us pause to reflect on concepts like ‘freedom’, ‘equality’, and ‘justice’.

Georgina Guedes What Homo naledi means for us

Thursday's mindblowing discovery by the Wits palaeontology team have expanded human knowledge, and reminded us how little we really know. Georgina Guedes examines the implications.

Georgina Guedes What Clive Naidoo has taught us all

Clive Naidoo was rude to a police officer. She was rude back. He recorded it. The rest is history. Georgina Guedes outlines the lessons we should learn from this.

Rebecca Davis Parliament Diary: The unimpeachable Number One

President Jacob Zuma has dodged with ease the latest parliamentary challenge to his leadership - impeachment, by Rebecca Davis.

Greg Nicolson Stellenbosch: 'Luister' could lead to change

Two weeks after the documentary exposed racism and discrimination at Stellenbosch University, Greg Nicolson asks how the documentary was made and what Open Stellenbosch thinks.

Simon Stephens Durban, the perilous port of sport and its politics of profit

The best combat action of 2015 prompts Simon Stephens to worry about the meaningful growth and future of South African Mixed Martial Arts.

Mike Bersiks D-Day for Springbok RWC selection

For every name read out there will be as many groans as cheers coming from rugby fans around the country.