The Conversation Africa Why title deeds aren't the solution to South Africa's land tenure problem

The conventional view is that insecurity of land tenure results from the lack of a registered title deed which records the property rights of occupants of land. By BEN COUSINS.

The Conversation Africa The danger of supplementing aid to Africa with weapons

Angela Merkel’s comments about weapons as part of development for Africa could have the opposite effect if conditions aren’t strict and democratic processes aren't followed.

The Conversation Africa What's happening inside the ANC, not parliament, is key to why Zuma prevails

Unless parliament passes a motion of no confidence in him, Zuma's future depends on whether he's weakened in the ANC. By STEVEN FRIEDMAN.

The Conversation Africa The African middle class matters: but not for the reasons commonly put forward

We should be wary of simplified and sweeping explanations about the scope for potential social and political reforms the middle classes can promote. By HENNING MELBER.

The Conversation Africa Pros and cons of the three women running for SA's presidency

All three female contenders for the presidency have strong liberation struggle credentials and have also contributed to democracy. But, are they up to to the job? By AMANDA GOUWS.

The Conversation Africa War of attrition against President 'Zupta' is in full swing

The huge hype ahead of the vote of no confidence in President Zuma made the result anti-climactic. By KEITH GOTTSCHALK.

The Conversation Africa Lessons from South Africa: parliamentary conscience and the courage to rebel

The motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma showcased tension at the heart of South Africa’s democracy. By ROGER SOUTHALL.

Raymond Suttner Vote of no confidence in a time of political decadence

Citizens need to remedy the failure of representative institutions to perform their duties to call errant leaders to order, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER.

The Conversation Africa Zuma no confidence vote: The ANC is the loser, whatever happens

Even if President Zuma wins the no confidence vote, the consequences for the ruling ANC are dire. By ROGER SOUTHALL.

The Conversation Africa How a job acquires a gender (and less authority if it's female)

Why do we think of a firefighter as a man and a nurse as a woman and not the other way around? By SARAH THEBAUD and LAURA DOERING.

The Conversation Africa South Africa should consider help from the IMF to fix its economy

The International Monetary Fund's view of how to fix South Africa's economy deserves to be seriously considered. By MATTHEW KOFI OCRAN.

Raymond Suttner Contestation without debate?

Part of rebuilding our democracy is to recover the culture of debate, with our without the main political parties help, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER. would like to send you push notifications.
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