The Conversation Africa Nigeria is not ready to hold free and fair elections next year. Here's why

Nigeria is far from ready to hold a credible ballot in 2019, writes OLAYINKA AJALA.

The Conversation Africa What lies behind ghosts, demons and aliens

My interest in the paranormal started with an impromptu coffee with a colleague who researches reports of paranormal experiences, writes ALICE M GREGORY.

The Conversation Africa Why women should have more of a say in male rites of passage

Women don't want to be reduced to ceremonial roles; they believe they can add value in making decisions. By MMAMPHO KB GOGELA.

The Conversation Africa Baobab trees have more than 300 uses but they're dying in Africa

The African baobab is a remarkable species. Not only because of it’s size and lifespan but also in the special way it grows multiple fused stems. By AIDA CUNI SANCHEZ.

The Conversation Africa The World Cup is a chance to talk about African identities and unity

The football world cup offers a useful chance to consider the apparent division between North and sub-Saharan Africa.

The Conversation Africa Capturing the Soweto Uprising: South Africa's most iconic photograph lives on

The persistence of Sam Nzima's June 16 photograph is remarkable. The shadow in the photograph can be read as a metaphor for the rich debate that this image continues to RUTH SIMBAO

The Conversation Africa Ramaphoria in South Africa: just a honeymoon, or the start of true love?

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s popularity has improved the favourability of the governing ANC among South Africans. By ROBERT MATTES.

The Conversation Africa Meet the five teams hoping to change Africa's World Cup story

Africa has always promised a great deal in the international showcase but delivered very little at the football world cup, by WYCLIFFE W NJORORAI SIMIYU.

Georgina Guedes Why we shouldn't normalise suicide

Having lost a loved one to suicide, Georgina Guedes is fighting against the decision to take one's own life.

Georgina Guedes Should Ramaphosa have visited the Afrikanerbond?

Cyril Ramaphosa attended the Afrikanerbond’s centenary celebrations. Is he pandering to the opposition or promoting cohesion?, asks Georgina Guedes.

The Conversation Africa The slippery slope of dehumanising language

As a psychologist who studies social attitudes and intergroup relations, I get a bit uneasy when I see these types of insults get normalised, writes ALLISON SKINNER.

The Conversation Africa The government wants to make history compulsory at school. But can it?

The provision of new history teachers to fulfil this policy will be hamstrung by the low status of teacher education and by budget cuts, writes LINDA CHISHOLM. would like to send you push notifications.
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