Angelo Fick Against xenophobia, for a common humanity

With xenophobia once again blighting the South African landscape, eNCA commentator, Angelo Fick, offers his thoughts on its root causes and the responses required.

Georgina Guedes If there's no consent, then it's rape

People who have been rushing to the defence of the Big Brother housemate accused of rape, should remember that if there is no consent, then it's rape writes Georgina Guedes.

Chris Gibbons Twenty years too late for the DA

Many think Vusi Maimane replacing Zille as DA leader would signal transformation but as Chris Gibbons writes, he may instead be seen as nothing more than a white man's messenger.

Nickolaus Bauer Can Mmusi lead… Or will he be led?

As soon as the words that she would not be standing for re-election were uttered, it was clear: Maimane is Zille’s preferred successor.

Uveka Rangappa Fretting about turning forty

Will Uveka Rangappa risk a trip abroad to celebrate her 40th birthday?

Angelo Fick Zille's decision draws shock and schadenfreude

Helen Zille’s decision not to stand for re-election as the party leader for South Africa’s official parliamentary opposition has elicited various responses across the country.

Nickolaus Bauer #RhodesHasFallen… What about #Kitcheners?

Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener was a cruel man. During the Second South African War, thousands perished in his concentration camps, nearly all of them women and children.

Georgina Guedes While we all chuck statues at each other

A week of statue activity has kept SA extremists busy. Perhaps the solution lies in a cultural policy to address the issue of how to remember the past, suggests Georgina Guedes.

Chris Gibbons Flattening statues changes nothing

Knock down a few statues. It won’t make a scrap of difference: the likes of Rhodes, Kruger and Van Riebeeck will still be present.

Angelo Fick On inequality and (in)decency in South Africa, 2015: the way we live now

We owe it to ourselves and our children to be better than this, writes Angelo Fick.

Dylan Rogers Aussies have winning formula

The Australian team have the ability to turn it on when it really matters, whether it is a World Cup, World Championship or Olympic Games, opines Dylan Rogers.

Angelo Fick Decolonising institutions, organisations, and minds

Angelo Fick writes about Rhodes in South Africa, 2015