Georgina Guedes We all wore rainbows

Africa may be behind much of the world in terms of gay rights but pockets of progress give us hope that it may one day allow all its people the freedom to love says Georgina Guedes

Angelo Fick Allegory #671: Stripes and scales

A fictional story about a meeting of the herbivores and how to deal with the pesky carnivores.

Chris Gibbons Zuma, Farlam and Marikana - yet another missed opportunity

Chris Gibbons watched President Jacob Zuma's news briefing on the Marikana Report and wasn't impressed with its findings.

Jesse D. Mulder Young videographer raps up SA politics

What's the motivation behind LiveMag's 'Jacob Zuma Kills the Game' political parody music video?

Angelo Fick Allegory #672: Shame like rabies

The fictional Jabu Khumalo lives well beyond his means but wants others to subsidise his poor financial planning. Much like a certain state-owned entity...

Rebecca Davis Sub judice, the politician's best friend

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa must have known he’d never get away without a question about al-Bashir in parliament, writes Rebecca Davis.

Georgina Guedes We don't like the ICC and anyway Sudan started it!

The blame-mongering and tattletaling of government is reminiscent of a playground squabble. Except one of the players has committed crimes against humanity, writes Georgina Guedes.

Angelo Fick The struggle continues: the disremembered past and public mis-memory

In post-apartheid South Africa, many have reinvented the past to the point of rendering it historical fiction, if not historical science fiction.

Chris Gibbons Arrest Umar al-Bashir? Not a snowball’s chance…

There was no chance at all, none whatsoever, that anything would have kept him here against his will and most definitely not an arrest warrant from the ICC.

Gerrie Keyser Can you save money with weather forecasts?

Does a weather forecast provide useful information for decision-making?

Angelo Fick Between 'Nkaaaaaaandla' and 'hong hong hong'

Angelo Fick writes about shame and accent shaming.

Chris Gibbons Formulating an ANC-proof investment strategy

Chris Gibbons believes it might be useful to capitalise on government's perceived failings.