Marianne Thamm Welcome to the age of treason

It was the summer of racism and now ’tis the autumn of treason as an increasingly hostile government turns on people accusing them of of being traitors and agents.

Angelo Fick Letters from the president, postcards from the edge

President Jacob Zuma's letters of reprimand to his ministers on Nkandla demonstrate a misunderstanding of the epistolary form, Angelo Fick suggests.

Richard Poplak DA launches manifesto that promises to turn SA into Cape Town

The DA were selling what they consider to be their showpiece: the glittering city at the bottom of Africa where the whole sorry story began its abject sorry-ness.

The Conversation Africa Prince's gift was that he stepped right out of racism's symbolic logic

Superstar Prince’s impact went far beyond the realm of music. His relevance stretched beyond the concert hall into many lecture rooms.

Angelo Fick Oppositional manifesto launch 1: the DA eyes the 3 August prize

As the Democratic Alliance launch their local government election manifesto, Angelo Fick considers the party's not inconsiderable challenges ahead of 3 August 2016.

Kate Sidley I'm sorry, but that's just bullsh*t

Jesus will save a terminally ill child, just because you typed 'Amen', and other silliness as seen on Facebook.

Georgina Guedes Why Dos Santos erred

In case you are in any doubt about what was sexist about the content of the Cell C boss’s radio interview, Georgina Guedes spells it out for you.

Angelo Fick Our response to rape, our collective shame

As women protest against the way rape is dealt with on campuses, Angelo Fick argues that our responses continue to be shameful.

The Conversation Africa How the Nelson Mandela Bay may be the ANC's mini Waterloo

Poor attendance at the launch of the ANC’s local elections manifesto shows the party no longer holds much weight with the electorate in the key Nelson Mandela Bay.

Simon Stephens Outfoxed - learning to fly

eNCA’s resident Leicester City fan speaks about the Foxes Fairytale.

Angelo Fick The road to 3 August 2016: on your marks …

As the three largest political parties in South Africa launch their manifestos for the local government elections scheduled for 3 August 2016, expectations are high.

The Conversation Africa Why Mugabe's latest challenger will find it hard to break the mould

Since independence in 1980, Zimbabwe has held ten elections characterised by multiparty competition. Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party has dominated all of them. would like to send you push notifications.
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