The Conversation Africa Budget 2018: first steps towards a recovery, but at what cost?

Whether the finance minister's measures will stave off a downgrade of South Africa's local currency debt remains to be seen, says Seán Mfundza Muller.

Angelo Fick The Age of Ramaphosa: SONA 2018

Angelo Fick welcomes the change in tone and hope signaled by Cyril Ramaphosa's SONA, and suggests citizens ought not to forget the work that lies ahead.

Raymond Suttner Unfinished business and legacies of the #Zuma period

While he is obviously identified with corruption and state capture, Jacob Zuma also represented a form of “warrior masculinity”, that was conducive to violence. By RAYMOND SUTTNER.

The Conversation Africa The five priorities SA's new administration should focus on

South Africa's new administration, under the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa, can make some quick wins by focusing on fixing a few key areas. By ANTHONI VAN NIEUWKERK.

The Conversation Africa How I marvelled at Black Panther's reimagining of Africa

The 'futurism' aspect puts the film head and shoulders above the rest, showcasing an iteration of Africa that imaginatively radical.

The Conversation Africa Zuma era lessons: how democracies can be held hostage by party machinations

There are several steps South Africa's governing party must take to strengthen democracy now that Jacob Zuma has resigned.

The Conversation Africa The Ramaphosa moment: how many Messiahs can one country take?

Cyril Ramaphosa is no Messiah, and when the post-Zuma champagne corks stop popping, South Africans need to assess him as a mere mortal.

Angelo Fick Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow: the ANC NEC vs Jacob Zuma

Angelo Fick considers the implications of the announcement by the ANC that it issued President Jacob Zuma with a recall notification.

Georgina Guedes Zuma never goes, but here's a car in space to keep you busy

A number of outrageous news stories have turned out to be true, but the one piece of true news we’re anticipating never seems to make it into the headlines, writes GEORGINA GUEDES

Raymond Suttner Managing Zuma’s departure without undermining democratic values

It is important for the ANC and South Africa that Zuma leaves the political scene and it may be necessary to compromise in order to achieve that, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER.

The Conversation Africa ANC power struggle shows that South Africa is not exceptional (after all)

South Africa occupied the moral high ground and could influence the agenda of intergovernmental bodies like the United Nations. By CHERYL HENDRICKS.

Angelo Fick Brando, Pryor, a radiator, and a mailbox

How we describe the world, even in what could be considered ephemeral gossip about dead celebrities, says much about how we value human beings, Angelo Fick suggests. would like to send you push notifications.
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