Phakamile Hlubi Phakxx's tips on spending time with your kids

As a working mom, Phakamile Hlubi has found ways of ensuring she has quality time with her daughter. Here are her tips.

Chris Gibbons America: Trumped by the leader you deserve

Chris Gibbons writes an open letter to Americans, questioning their choice of leaders ahead of the 2016 US presidential elections.

Georgina Guedes Return to Nkandla

If you think that the media won’t shut up about Nkandla, the ad hoc parliamentary committee is showing them a thing or two about flogging a dead horse, says Georgina Guedes.

Thulasizwe Simelane African justice goes on trial

Africa will face two key tests this week in the form of the trial of former Chadian strongman Hissène Habré and the Burundi elections, writes Thulasizwe Simelane

Greg Nicolson Derailed & Released: Lucky Montana out of Prasa

Prasa is without a CEO while it spends billions on new trains and with Montana promising to tell the full story, writes Greg Nicolson.

Phakamile Hlubi Obama's Mandela moments

It seems US President Barack Obama may have succeeded in redeeming his legacy, and that he may have finally earned his Nobel Peace prize.

Georgina Guedes But is it hate speech?

Wits stated that Mcebo Dlamini did not commit hate speech with his “Hitler” comments. He’s at it again, calling Jews “Devils”. Georgina Guedes explores.

Angelo Fick Serena Williams: 21 at 33

At 33, Williams's achievement on Saturday, underscoring as it does the achievements over her lifetime as an elite athlete, is cause for awe and, indeed, celebration.

Greg Nicolson The gruesome truth about child deaths in South Africa

There's a knowledge gap in this country about the spate of crimes against children, writes Greg Nicolson.

Chris Gibbons To Greece With All Economists!

Chris Gibbons suggests gathering up the world’s economists and packing them off to Greece to find a workable solution for its economic problems and stay to see if it indeed works.

Georgina Guedes You should never have shared the photo of THAT cake

It's easy to ridicule people on the internet. Georgina Guedes says you may have become a troll, without even thinking about it. And therein lies the problem.

Angelo Fick The winter of our discontent: the global canvas, the suburban blight

eNCA writer, Angelo Fick, lets off steam as 'tiny, usually manageable irritations in everyday suburban life' exacerbate his winter of discontent.