Rebecca Davis Straightening the record on Mompati and gay rights

Last week Rebecca Davis wrote about Ruth Mompati's comments about gay rights. She's since learnt that the struggle stalwart appeared to have a change of heart later in life.

Rebecca Davis Mompati, Maimane and the gays

Does it matter if our representatives don’t approve of homosexuality, as long as they don’t actively obstruct progress on gay rights, asks Rebecca Davis?

Angelo Fick The texture of history, the danger of mis-memory

Lest we forget, 'the pain of the stranger, distant in space or time, and increasingly, in species, is after all everyone’s pain' says Angelo Fick aptly quoting William Blake.

Chris Gibbons Where do you stand, Pastor Al?

While holidaying in Portugal, Chris Gibbons ponders the newly elected DA leader's stance on traditional christian taboos.

Georgina Guedes Take care, don't share

If you can’t think critically about what you share on Facebook, Georgina Guedes asks that you take away one important lesson before you potentially ruin a life.

Bianca Bothma After the disaster: Reflections on the #NepalQuake multimedia reporter Bianca Bothma went to Nepal with the Gift of the Givers disaster relief mission. Here she reflects on her experiences of the trip.

Rebecca Davis What's the issue with the DA's family values?

What could possibly be controversial about saying that stable families are key to a successful nation, asks Rebecca Davis.

Georgina Guedes A plagiarised eulogy, evidence of what?

Apparently using Google to write a eulogy is now a crime punishable with the severest sentence, as judged in the High Court of the Media and Public Opinion, says Georgina Guedes.

Dylan Rogers Purist vs Punter

While those who love watching boxing for the action may have felt short-changed, our columnist agrees with Johnny Nelson's adage, “The whole thing of boxing is hit and not be hit."

Dylan Rogers Head or Heart? Mayweather or Pacquiao?

Pacquiao is the ‘heart’ to Mayweather’s ‘head’, because in stark contrast to his opponent, he’s a very likeable guy who respects his opponents.

Angelo Fick Between 'Freedom Day' and 'Workers’ Day': South Africa

Freedom is not a state one arrives at, it is an ongoing struggle, and its boons must be fought for and protected.

Chris Gibbons I agree with you Mr President ... almost

President Jacob Zuma's comments on xenophobic violence are encouraging, but Chris Gibbons would like to see him being outspoken on other pressing issues too.