MSF leaves Kunduz after fatal airstrike

Doctors Without Borders staff from Kunduz have been evacuated following a bombing raid on a hospital.

WATCH: Soldier takes down 'hostage taker'

A Russian soldier pinned an actor to the ground after he thought the man was holding a hostage at gunpoint.

Portugal goes to the polls

Despite harsh austerity measures, the centre-right coalition remains popular in opinion polls.

Palestinians barred from Jerusalem's Old City over attacks

The restrictions will be in place for two days, with only Israelis, tourists, residents of the area, business owners and students allowed, police said.

MSF denies Taliban were firing from Afghan hospital hit by air strike

The US government promised a full investigation into a suspected US air strike in Kunduz as the UN human rights chief said the bombing could amount to a war crime.

Clinton weighs in on US gun control

The Democrat has called for 'sensible' gun control while Republicans steer clear of the controversial issue.

Bangladesh cricketer's wife arrested over maid torture

A case has been filed against cricketer Shahadat Hossain and his wife, who could face charges of child repression and employing a minor.

Life ring from missing cargo ship found

A search-and-rescue crew found the life ring in waters to the northeast of Crooked Island in the Bahamas, about 120km from the ship's last known position before it went missing.


Ferocious Russian air strikes wreak new terror in Syria

The more advanced jets fly higher than those of the Syrian army, emitting no noise to alert civilians of the impending doom.


WATCH: NASA discusses science finding on Mars

Could Mars support present day microbial life? NASA details a major science finding from the agency's ongoing exploration of Mars.