Thousands celebrate Greece's 'No' vote despite uncertainty ahead

Having squarely rejected the terms of new financial aid for their cash-strapped country, Greece wakes up to an uncertain future.

Eurozone in tailspin after Greece votes 'No' to bailout

Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected international creditors' tough bailout terms in a historic referendum on Sunday

Greece wants ‘common ground’ with creditors: finance minister

Greece will now look for "common ground" with its creditors that entails an end to austerity and a debt restructuring.

'Democracy' the winner in Greece: Podemos

The leader of Spain's leftist Podemos party on Sunday hailed early results from Greece's referendum showing voters decisively rejecting creditors' bailout terms.

Kerry says it's time to finish Iran nuclear deal

"It is now time to see whether or not we are able to close an agreement," Kerry told reporters ahead of a Tuesday deadline.

Greek opinion polls point to victory for 'No' vote

A poll by Marc estimated 49.5 to 54.5 percent of Greeks voted 'No' compared to 45.5 to 50.5 percent voting 'Yes', based on surveys conducted through the week.

Landmine kills five Ukrainian soldiers in separatist east

Fighting between government troops and pro-Russian rebels has lessened since the signing of a ceasefire deal in February, but violations continue to occur.

Hamas reopens office of Gaza's only mobile phone provider

No reason was given for the decision to lift the closure order announced on the attorney-general's Facebook page.


French woman accused of poisoning four elderly men

The woman, who is in her 50s, is believed to have seduced and killed one man and poisoning three others. A victim told police he 'almost died' for three days of love.


Venezuelan vet arrested for smuggling drugs in puppies

Spanish police have arrested a Venezuelan veterinarian wanted by the US for allegedly trafficking heroin by implanting it in puppies.