French train attack hero 'repeatedly stabbed'

France train attack hero Spencer Stone was repeatedly stabbed in Sacramento, California and is in stable condition.

Philippine police killed armed assailant in hostage drama

An unidentified man held passengers aboard a southbound Manila bus hostage.

Plane with South African on board missing in Nepal

A sightseeing plane with two people on board went missing on Thursday in Nepal.

MSF says staff, patients still missing after US air strike

Thirty-three people -- nine patients and 24 MSF staff -- remain missing after a catastrophic US air strike on a hospital in Kunduz.

Russia, not Africa, on ICC chopping block

ICC prosecutor seeking probe into 2008 Russia-Georgia war. This is would be the first ICC war crimes investigation not based in Africa.

Dutch youths attempt to join jihadists

Three Dutch people have been arrested on the Turkey border for participation in terrorist organisation activity. Their ages are 17, 18 and 22 years old.

KLM workers plead with French colleagues not to strike

Dutch employees of Air France-KLM called on their French colleagues not to carry out any more strikes.

Clinton message rises: She won't be Obama the second

Hillary Clinton has praised the president for digging America out of an economic ditch in his two-terms, but she has parted ways with Obama on key policies in her campaign.


Ferocious Russian air strikes wreak new terror in Syria

The more advanced jets fly higher than those of the Syrian army, emitting no noise to alert civilians of the impending doom.


WATCH: NASA discusses science finding on Mars

Could Mars support present day microbial life? NASA details a major science finding from the agency's ongoing exploration of Mars.