IS attacks leave two US troops injured

Two US troops have been left injured in Iraq and Syria during an IS attack.

Man loses leg in shark attack

A man has lost his leg in Australia after being attacked by a shark.

Denmark to declassify being transgender a mental disorder

The Denmark Parliament Health committee decide to declassify being transgender as a mental disorder.

Pound sinks as votes to leave EU rise

The pound took a knock down when votes indicated favour of Britain leaving the European Union.

Brazil relaxes visa rules ahead of Rio Olympics

Visa regulations in Brazil have been eased to create an easy access for tourists coming for the Rio Olympics.

IS stops Iraqi army at Falluja gates

Civilians are in fear after the Islamic State halts the Iraqi army at the gates of Falluja.

Americans still not allowed to adopt Russian children

The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated its stance on the Dima Yakovlev law which bans US citizens from adopting Russian children on Tuesday.

Messi absent for first day of tax trial

Spanish prosecutors are seeking a jail sentence of 22-and-a-half months for Messi and his father if they are found guilty, plus fines in the trial that began on Tuesday.


US Clowns protest wild-animal entertainment ban

The bill is modeled on a similar San Francisco law that prohibits the performance of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment or amusement.


Israeli army close-combat method hits Hollywood

It has even been adapted by one young Israeli from Canada who teaches women how to use their stiletto heels to fight off an aggressor.

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