Obama's Iran nuke deal pulls through

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday earned sufficient congressional backing to ensure the Iran nuclear deal does not get blocked.

Bangkok bombing: police focus on Turkey link

Thai authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Turkish national over the blast at the Erawan shrine.

South Korea accuses the North of drone surveillance

South Korea on Wednesday accused North Korea of flying a suspected spy drone across the border during talks last week.

Hundreds of Eurostar passengers stranded as migrants throng tracks

A train from Paris slowed to a halt at the Channel Tunnel and police arrived on the scene in a bid to stop migrants who had got onto the tracks from going further.

IN PICTURES: Fresh migrant demo at Hungary train station

Around 600 men, women and children, were sitting or standing outside the Keleti station while some 1,200 were downstairs in a so-called 'transit zone'.

Thai police say closer to cracking Bangkok bomb case

The unidentified man arrested less than a kilometre from the Cambodian border on Tuesday had told police he was not the bomber but was in same area the night of the explosion.

Can Clinton candidacy unravel over her emails?

Clinton's poll numbers are trending downward. Rival candidate Bernie Sanders, 73, who describes himself as a democratic socialist, is gaining on her.

Gunmen kidnap at least 17 Turks in Iraq capital

A police colonel said that 17 Turks were kidnapped by black-clad gunmen in pickup trucks, while an interior ministry official put the number seized at 18.


California assisted suicide bill to be heard in special session

The measure, which was pulled from consideration in the legislature's regular session in July, was reintroduced last month as part of a special session on healthcare.


WATCH: Teen takes train surfing to new heights

A daring vlogger filmed himself train surfing in the Ukraine.