Twitter co-founder blamed for major job cuts

The job cuts reportedly come as engineering teams are being reorganized at the one-to-many messaging service.

India's GM cotton devastated by pests

Damage from the infestation of whitefly in Punjab and Haryana has been extensive and blamed for farmer suicides.

Mars lakes were ancient, say Nasa scientists

The Gale Crater, a 140km wide impact basin, was repeatedly filled with water, bolstering chances for life on the Red Planet.

SpaceX raps ULA bid to get US waiver for Russian engines

The ban still affects nine of 29 engines that ULA ordered but had not paid for before Russia annexed Crimea.

Facebook says no to 'dislike' button

Users have for years pressed the world's largest social network to introduce a "dislike" button to complement the existing thumbs up button.

Researchers work to limit climate change damage

Climate change means more than just hotter days. Extremes in weather can lead to health problems, and affect food and water security.


SA to launch satellites by 2018

Global innovation is evolving at an incredible rate and South Africa's not being left behind. It’s leading research in everything from micro-satellites to laser technology and more


SA second most innovative country in Sub-Saharan Africa

South African science and innovation have been making waves on the world stage for decades and the Global Innovation Index shows it.