Greeks use bitcoin to dodge capital controls

Greek interest has surged in the online "cryptocurrency" which is out of the reach of monetary authorities and can be transferred at the touch of a smartphone screen.

Russian parliament approves internet privacy bill

The bill seeks to emulate EU rules on the "right to be forgotten", under which search engines must take down certain results that appear under a search of a person's name.

California's push for cleaner buses could edge out natural gas

California is poised to switch to so-called "zero-emission" buses by 2040.

Google sorry for labelling black couple as gorillas

Google has apologised after an identification programme in its new photo app put a "gorillas" label on a picture of a black couple.

Rosetta find massive sinkholes on comet surface

Scientists suspect the pits formed when material on the comet's surface collapsed, the sinkholes are nearly wide enough to swallow Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza.

YouTube not liable on copyright, but needs to do more - German court

Google won a legal victory on Tuesday over GEMA, which had sought to make YouTube pay each time users watched music videos by artists it represents.


What stone tools found in southern tip of Africa tell us about the human story

For more than three million years, fractured pieces of hard rock provided past people with a means to extract their livelihood from the environment.


I'll bite: ancient saber-toothed cat's teeth grew prodigiously

Smilodon grew a set of baby teeth before permanent ones grew in. Its "baby sabers" were shed at around 1 to 1-1/2 years of age.