'Ice vault' idea to keep climate's time capsule intact

Learning more about the past through examining the glaciers could help us predict how our planet will respond when global warming kicks into higher gear.

PS4 'Yukimura' update

Remember that PS4 update we all wanted prior to The Order: 1886? Well, it's nearly here, and Sony is really splurging on this one just in time for Bloodborne too.

WD My Passport Pro 4TB- speedy and stylish

The WD My Passport Pro does well by weighing up the three P's (practicality, performance and price).

Calculations show that days on Saturn are shorter

NASA's Voyager spacecraft had previously used radio measurements to calculate Saturn's rotation at 10 hours 39 minutes and 22.4 seconds.

Five Japanese spy satellites in orbit

Japan put spy satellites into operation in the 2000s after its erratic neighbour, North Korea, fired a mid-range ballistic missile over the Japanese mainland.

Facebook's Messenger app adding more ways to connect

Facebook is trying to mold its Messenger app into a more versatile communications channel as smartphones.


NASA plans to move boulder into the moon's orbit

NASA plans to launch a craft to capture a boulder from a nearby asteroid and move it into orbit around the Earth's moon for exploration by astronauts, said the space agency.


Belly ache can be sign of intestinal wall outgrowths

If you get severe pain in the lower right abdomen your doctor is likely to immediately consider appendicitis but what if these symptoms stem from the left side?


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