What's hot? Life sciences challenge tech in global innovation

With more patents applied for or granted in 2014 than in any other year in history, humankind has never been more inventive.

Samsung's Cheil Industries to acquire affiliate Samsung C&T

Samsung Group's holding company Cheil Industries Inc said on Tuesday that it will acquire affiliate Samsung C&T Corp by September.

Toughest leg of Solar Impulse's global journey delayed

The most challenging leg of Solar Impulse 2's landmark flight around the world powered only by the sun was delayed on Tuesday.

Next-generation plane engines take a LEAP towards delivery

LEAP motors will power most of the next-generation of the planes which will be the future workhorses of airlines.

SA tech accelerator changes the game

A new-style South African start-up accelerator has changed the traditional business model by not taking any equity in new tech businesses.

The best games on PlayStation 4

PlayStation claim the best games are on their 4th generation console. Do you agree?


HANGOUT: eNCA joins in at BBC development studio

BBC's Dimitry Shishkin and Laura Harrison join us to discuss the BBC Connected Studio initiative where eNCA.com won the Best Integration into Digital Daily Routine award.


It's about tech, so quit asking about my gender

The burning question that any female in tech is being asked at the moment is, “How have you managed to cope as a female in tech? “