How to foolproof your password and avoid cybercrime

Technology brings with it convenience and the benefits of making life easier. But it also makes life easier for criminals who prey on unsuspecting targets.

Rocket with 'Denmark's Gagarin' lifts off to space station

The rocket carrying the Soyuz TMA-18M spaceship lifted off to the multi-billion Dollar orbiting laboratory leaving just a puff of white smoke in the sky.

Hackers raid Apple accounts via 'jail-broken' iPhones

Hackers targeting jail-broken iPhones have raided more than 225,000 Apple accounts.

Primordial sea beast resembled ancient Greek warship

Scientists announced the discovery in northeastern Iowa of fossils of a large, active hunter called Pentecopterus Decorahensis that lived 467 million years ago.

Small island states ditch diesel for cheaper, cleaner energy

The fuel price shock was a major incentive for Marshall Islands to reduce its reliance on diesel and other fossil fuels, and expand renewable energy instead.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer expecting twin girls

Mayer's pregnancy comes at a critical time for Yahoo, which is preparing to spin off its stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.


A global breakthrough for SA

A team at Stellenbosch University has designed what could be the world's smallest concentrated solar power plant.


Race to be the first black African in space hots up

A Nigerian who was part of the AU's Ebola response team and two South Africans are competing to become the first black African in space.