Scientists battle starfish in Great Barrier Reef

The predatory starfish is naturally-occurring but has proliferated due to pollution and run-off at the World Heritage-listed ecosystem.

Humans in America '115,000 years earlier than thought'

There have been several other claims of an even earlier bipedal footprint on the continent, but none would take that timeline back further than 50,000 years.

Twitter user growth climbs

The first quarter results came in better than most forecasts, delivering an early pre-market lift for shares in Twitter, which has struggled to keep pace in the fast-moving world o

Deep sea mining could help develop mass solar energy – is it worth the risk?

Scientists investigating an underwater mountain have found lots of tellurium, a mineral used in some solar panels. THE CONVERSATION AFRICA

TED: Smart machines to recover lost memories, mind your children

It will all be part of a brave new world of the not-so-distant future, in which innovative smart machines actually enhance humans.

Artificial womb for super-preemies works with sheep

The new system mimics life in the uterus and could, if approved for human use, dramatically improve those odds.


'Super-Earth' orbiting nearby star boosts search for extra-solar life

LHS 1140b, as it's been named, is exceptional because of its location in relation to the star it orbits, making its surface temperature is not too hot, nor too cold, but just right


Peanut-shaped asteroid whisks past Earth

Dubbed 2014-JO25, the asteroid came closest at 12.20 GMT and is now hurtling away from the centre of our solar system.

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