Spotify introduces adaptable music for runners

Spotify has introduced its coolest feature yet. From now on, runners can listen to music that adapts to the speed of their running.

Jeb Bush says climate is changing but human role is 'convoluted'

The former governor of Florida is yet to decide on whether or not he will seek the Republican presidential nomination but has challenged Obama on a number of issues.

Google backs farm-focused startup as 'AgTech' blooms

The multinational has pumped $15-million into a farming-focused technology start-up

Flickr shows off new design, functions

Yahoo's overhauled its photo-sharing site, Flickr.

Get a virtual keyboard on your Windows desktop

It’s possible to call up a virtual, mouse-controlled keyboard on your Windows desktop.

How to build the universe from Lego, over a pint of beer

In a central London pub, a young bearded physicist is demonstrating how to build a model of the universe from plastic Lego bricks. Clue: you need a lot of them.


HANGOUT: eNCA joins in at BBC development studio

BBC's Dimitry Shishkin and Laura Harrison join us to discuss the BBC Connected Studio initiative where won the Best Integration into Digital Daily Routine award.


It's about tech, so quit asking about my gender

The burning question that any female in tech is being asked at the moment is, “How have you managed to cope as a female in tech? “