Using technology to tackle illegal storm water and sewage connections

The City of Cape Town is trying out a new method of detecting illegal storm water and sewer connections.

'Eau de comet' is a bit of a stinker

Rotten eggs, horse pee, alcohol and bitter almonds: this is the bouquet of odours you would smell if a comet in deep space could be brought back to Earth, European scientists said.

Oldest DNA ever found sheds light on humans' global trek

Scientists said Wednesday they had unravelled the oldest DNA ever retrieved from a Homo sapiens bone, a feat that sheds light on modern humans' colonisation of the planet.

In a first, astronomers map comets around another star

The feat marks the most complete census of so-called exocomets, or comets in other solar systems, astronomers said.

Earth hit by double asteroids 458-million years ago

The event can be traced to "one of the largest cosmic catastrophes" in the history of the Solar System -- a mighty collision in the asteroid belt around 12 million years earlier.

Apple-1 sold in New York

One of the first Apple computers ever built sold in New York on Wednesday for $905,000, leading Bonhams auction house to declare it the world's most expensive computer relic.


Thaw reveals Antarctic explorer's century-old notebook

A photographic notebook from Robert Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition has been found after a century trapped in the ice of the frozen continent.


'Horrible hand' dino turns out to be gentle giant

Rather than tearing prey limb from limb with talons that gave birth to its monicker "horrible hand," Deinocheirus mirificus was a peaceable giant that fed on plants and small fish.


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