Samsungs unveils latest smartwatch

The new Samsung smartwatch is due to be released later this month at the IFA trade fair in Berlin. 

Ex-US special agent pleads guilty to taking Bitcoin currency

A former US Secret Service special agent pleaded guilty to money laundering and obstruction of justice over taking Bitcoins worth $800,000.

SpaceX rocket grounded for 'couple more months'

SpaceX has a backlog of nearly 60 launches, worth more than $7-billion, on its schedule.

Get better quicker faster : Hong Kong banks turn to start-ups for tech edge

From data analysis to alternative lending and investment options Hong Kong's nimble smaller firms with a tech edge are vying to lure consumers.

Nasa scientists prepare for life on Mars

Six scientists have shut themselves inside a dome on a barren volcano in Hawaii for a year, to mimic their possible life on Mars.

People recognise brands just like faces - study

The subjects showed that two basic dimensions dictated a large proportion of the way that not only trademarks, but also faces are perceived.


A global breakthrough for SA

A team at Stellenbosch University has designed what could be the world's smallest concentrated solar power plant.


Race to be the first black African in space hots up

A Nigerian who was part of the AU's Ebola response team and two South Africans are competing to become the first black African in space.