Relief as Russian cargo ship docks at space station

"The transport cargo ship Progress M-28M has docked with the... Russian segment of the ISS at 10:11am Moscow time (0711 GMT)," the Russian federal space agency (Roscosmos) said.

Google 'campuses' give tech startups room to flourish

Google is building "campuses" around the world intended as fertile ground where entrepreneurs can flourish.

Hacking the food chain, Silicon Valley style

At least $138-million in investment poured into the segment of "sustainable protein" startups in 2014, according to the research firm AgFunder.

New gadgets, but legs and sweat still key to Tour de France

Tour organisers Amaury Sport Organisation, GoPro and the teams struck a deal to have on-bike camera footage during the Tour and the Vuelta.

Greeks use bitcoin to dodge capital controls

Greek interest has surged in the online "cryptocurrency" which is out of the reach of monetary authorities and can be transferred at the touch of a smartphone screen.

Russian parliament approves internet privacy bill

The bill seeks to emulate EU rules on the "right to be forgotten", under which search engines must take down certain results that appear under a search of a person's name.


What stone tools found in southern tip of Africa tell us about the human story

For more than three million years, fractured pieces of hard rock provided past people with a means to extract their livelihood from the environment.


I'll bite: ancient saber-toothed cat's teeth grew prodigiously

Smilodon grew a set of baby teeth before permanent ones grew in. Its "baby sabers" were shed at around 1 to 1-1/2 years of age.