Festo's butterfly drones will set your heart aflutter

While our perception of drone technology remains suspicious, explorers, artists and researchers are beginning to use them for more creative and educational purposes.

Twitter is listening: data mining, Gnip and the fabled 'firehose'

Twitter is currently making a ton of money by selling access to your tweets.

Canon EOS 70D review: a DSLR with few faults

The Canon EOS 70D is the younger sister of the 60D geared towards enthusiasts, and it definitely does well in that respect.

GitHub becomes victim of denial of service attack

GitHub has been under attack since Thursday in what may be an attempt by China to disrupt efforts to circumvent that country’s censorship policies.

Refuelling planes mid-air could cut fuel use - study

Kerosene reserves make up about a third of the weight on long distance passenger flights at take-off so reducing them and re-fuelling mid-air could mean huge savings.

Russian Soyuz off to space station

A Russian Soyuz rocket blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Friday, sending a US-Russia crew to the International Space Station for a year-long flight.


NASA plans to move boulder into the moon's orbit

NASA plans to launch a craft to capture a boulder from a nearby asteroid and move it into orbit around the Earth's moon for exploration by astronauts, said the space agency.


Belly ache can be sign of intestinal wall outgrowths

If you get severe pain in the lower right abdomen your doctor is likely to immediately consider appendicitis but what if these symptoms stem from the left side?


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