Springsteen is in town
South Africa 27 January 2014

Cape Town - Legendary American musician Bruce Springsteen is touring the country for the first time in three decades since leading a campaign against apartheid. He is presenting his E Street Band to his huge South African fan base for the first time.

AMCU members in hiding
South Africa 27 January 2014

January 27 – Numerous allegations that AMCU leader Joseph Mathunjwa incited violence against his opponents have come to the fore. A group of senior members of the union are in hiding. They claim their lives are at risk.

Pretoria North gang hold child at gunpoint
South Africa 27 January 2014

Pretoria North, January 27 – In the farming community of Wallmansthal, a group of three armed men has allegedly been terrorising residents almost daily since December. The gang is not bothering to hide their identities, having held children at gunpoint.

Glynnis Breytenbach joins DA
South Africa 27 January 2014

Johannesburg, January 27 - Prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach is trading in her judicial robes for a position in politics. The Democratic Alliance says having Breytenbach on its election team will fuel its fight against corruption.

WESTGATE: Kenya in the spotlight at World Economic Forum
South Africa 26 January 2014

Kenya will be in the spotlight at this year’s World Economic Forum. Analyst believe it will be a tough year ahead after the country was rocked by an attack on the Westgate Mall just four months ago.

PRAVIN: ANC aims to create six million jobs
South Africa 26 January 2014

Creating six million jobs forms part of the ANC's election manifesto. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan explained what role the private sector will play.

BATTLE: Anglo-Zulu artefacts auctioned in the UK
South Africa 26 January 2014

The sale of relics from the Anglo-Zulu war raised around R1.75-million, with letter from a 19th century British captain raising the highest price.

WEFWRAP_World leaders head home after World Economic Forum
World 26 January 2014

World leaders are heading home after the World Economic Forum. Over the past four days the eNCA team in Davos has been talking to some of the most powerful people in the world. Here's a sneak peek from Switzerland.

DRUGS: Police develop method of identifying drug smugglers
South Africa 26 January 2014

Police say they've developed a method of identifying drug smuggling suspects at Durban’s King Shaka International Airport.

FUNDS: Sebokeng youth given chance of a lifetime
South Africa 26 January 2014

Despite the many setbacks of attending an underfunded and impoverished school, some Sebokeng students passed matric with flying colours. Now they have have been given the chance of a lifetime.