2024 Elections: A guideline of dos and don'ts for voters

JOHANNESBURG - In this digital age, it’s important to know how to effectively participate in the electoral process with informed and responsible behaviour. Whether you’re voting for the first time or have been voting for years, understanding how to go about your experience will greatly impact the fairness and transparency of election outcomes.

We’ve put together a detailed guide to make the most of your voting experience:


1. You can only vote where you’re registered. That’s unless you have requested to do so from the Independent Electoral Commission and been granted permission to do so. This has caused confusion because voters could previously visit any station to cast their national ballot.

2. You may wear branded political party apparel when you vote. This may seem like a giveaway of who you may be voting for but you’re allowed to exercise your right to support your political party. Party agents and candidates, however, can’t wear any such branded apparel within the voting station or when voting.

3. You must be a South African citizen. You need to have of a green barcoded ID or smart ID card, or a valid Temporary Identity Certificate, be 18 years or older, registered to vote and have proof of registration.

4. You can only vote once. If you’ve made a mistake on your ballot paper, you may request a new one but once your name has been removed from the voters’ roll you can’t vote again.


1. You aren’t allowed to take a photo or post your marked ballot paper on social media.

2. You shouldn’t interrupt the work of voting station staff.

3. You aren’t allowed to bring any weapons to the voting station.

4. You can’t campaign for your political party or candidates within the boundaries of the voting station.


Follow the IEC on social media (Facebook, X or Instagram) or check their website for any last-minute updates or changes. The IEC also encourages anyone who is denied access to vote, or to enter a voting station due to their attire, or any discriminatory motives, to promptly notify their call centre at 0800 11 8000 or locate the area manager of the specific voting station.


By Kgomotso Kgoshe

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