Angelo Fick The professor of desire: Philip Roth (1933-2018)

ANGELO FICK reflects on the life of one of the most remarkable writers of the last century.

The Conversation Africa Presidential term limits: slippery slope back to authoritarianism in Africa

More leaders in more African countries will abolish term limits unless organisations like the African Union take action.

The Conversation Africa Why people risk their lives for the perfect selfie

People who frequently post selfies are often targets for accusations of narcissism and tastelessness, writes Michael Weigold for The Conversation.

The Conversation Africa Why it's wrong to blame South Africa's woes on Mandela's compromises

Mandela’s reconciliation message may have partly reflected his view of the world. But it was also a product of his party, the ANC. By STEVEN FRIEDMAN.

Angelo Fick Old habits in new times: exclusivity and exclusion

Looking at changes in one suburb of Johannesburg, Angelo Fick argues that gentrification repeats the gestures of colonial and apartheid influx control.

The Conversation Africa For 15 years people in North West have been getting angrier. Here's why

Corruption has become one of the biggest concerns for people, few of whom believe protest will bring about change, according to THE CONVERSATION.

The Conversation Africa How a better grasp of the seven ages of appetite could help us stay healthy

As our choice of food will be an important factor to our health and well-being throughout our lives, it’s important that we get into the right habits. By ALEX JOHNSTONE.

The Conversation Africa The best anthem for Workers' Day? 'Stimela'

Hugh Masekela's protest song remains as much about present and future aspirations as it about the past.

The Conversation Africa Why April 27 in 1994 marked a point of no return for South Africa

This years' Freedom Day in South Africa can signify a difference: a renewal and return to the values of the 1994 social contract. By DIRK KOTZE.

The Conversation Africa What Buhari and Trump stand to gain from state visit

It's inconceivable that military prowess can offer long-term solutions to Nigeria's deep-rooted institutional problems. By STEPHEN ONYEIWU.

The Conversation Africa South Africa's strike rate isn't as bad as it's made out to be

Data reveals that there is less industrial action in South Africa than in many other countries, and it is not as prolonged as politicians claim, writes Carin Runciman.

Raymond Suttner North West uprising and restoring democratic values and practices

The issues over which people protest in North-West and in many other cases relate to the diversion of funds, towards which they have contributed as tax payers. would like to send you push notifications.
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