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Launched on 1 June 2008, as South Africa's first 24-hour news service. Since then, it's dominated the market as a leading and discerning voice in the South African local news landscape and is trusted as a reliable source of news and current affairs. 
Since its launch, the channel's signature live reports, breaking news, sport, weather, entertainment, and business updates have become an indispensable source of local and international news for millions of South Africans. 
In 2013 eNCA launched its comprehensive multimedia news website,, which was soon followed by the launch of the eNCA news app on the Android and iOS phone and tablet platforms. Staffed by a dedicated team of developers and editorial personnel, eNCA's digital division provides an audience of 2.4 million monthly users with an immersive experience, combining the power of text, image, and video with the accessibility and portability of online news. 
eNCA is also home to award-winning journalists and reporters – many of whom have been in the line of fire to cover live events nationwide. The channel recently introduced an empowering new brand identity - with an emotive call to action, inspiring South Africa to make the news their own. The channel boasts an updated logo and fresh look.  

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