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ANC chief whip says Zuma 'must let others lead'

ANC Chief Whip Pemmy Majodina accuses former party president Jacob Zuma of refusing to give his successor Cyril Ramaphosa space to lead.

JOHANNESBURG - Jacob Zuma must fall in line and allow Cyril Ramaphosa to lead.

This is the view of party chief whip Pemmy Majodina.

She was reacting to news that former president Jacob Zuma has instituted a private prosecution of his successor.

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Majodina says Zuma must stop his shenanigans and support Ramaphosa.

“Let president Zuma with due respect allow President Ramaphosa to lead. We supported him, we supported Comrade Zuma for more than eight years," she said.

"We rallied behind him. It can’t be him that is now doing chaos in the organisation.

"He is a veteran, he is a leader. He must let others lead. He must pave the way.”

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