Eskom appoints 18 engineers from Solidarity's list of 300

Eskom has appointed 18 engineers from Solidarity’s list of 300 skilled engineers. In August the union sent the list of what it calls the country's top power experts to Eskom and Public Enterprises. Solidarity Spokesperson Morné Malan speaks to #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom has appointed only 18 people from Solidarity’s list of 300 skilled engineers.

This list was given to Eskom and Public Enterprises in August.

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Solidarity’s Morné Malan says more experts on that list need to be recruited and are still willing to help.  

He said, “just let everything else to the side we’ve got the solutions, we’ve got the plan and list of the best of the best."

"We have the solutions we just have to implement it. Remove all the barriers that are currently hindering private independent power producers from operations. Prioritize criminal cases with Eskom. Simply make the manage at Eskom allow them to operate without political influence… is not complicated its an issue of getting it done.”


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