Nehawu refuses blame for patient deaths

Nehawu is laying the blame for patient deaths squarely at government's door.
The public sector strike continues as the union awaits a court ruling on the matter.

JOHANNESBURG - Nehawu is adamant that it is not responsible for the deaths of four people at the country's hospitals because of protests by its members.

The union places the blame squarely at government's door for refusing to meet its wage demands.

On Thursday, Health Minister Joe Phaahla said the four deaths could be directly linked to the strike.

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"This strike has never killed anyone, and the government is accountable for whatever happens at the hospitals," said Nehawu general-secretary, Zola Sephetha.

"Unfortunately, it's a situation where we've lost young ones with a potential of being the president of the country tomorrow, but it can't be associated with us, we can't be accused," he says.

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