2024 elections | Power to the voter: A call for change in SA

JOHANNESBURG – As South Africans head to the polls today, the nation stands at a crossroads.

For many, this election represents a critical opportunity for meaningful change. The choices made at the ballot box will shape the country's trajectory for years to come. Voters have made their demands clear: they want jobs, an end to rolling blackouts, and leaders who genuinely care.

This week, the eNCA election bus stopped in Midrand, Johannesburg drawing crowds eager to express their hopes and concerns regarding the upcoming elections.

Job creation is a primary issue for many voters as unemployment, particularly among the youth, remains a significant problem.

Prudence, a Midrand resident, voiced a common frustration: "We have a lot of youth that are skilled; they went to school, but they are not able to enter the corporate world."


Her sentiment highlights a lack of opportunities for many. Voters are seeking leaders with viable plans to revitalise the economy and create sustainable employment opportunities.

Rolling blackouts, that have plagued South Africa for years, are another critical concern.

This issue has disrupted lives and hindered the country's potential.

Tukiso, another Midrand resident, said, "Loadshedding has affected me due to the constant buying of gas, paraffin, and electricity."


His plea underscores the widespread demand for a government capable of resolving the energy crisis, ensuring that the lights stay on and the wheels of the economy keep turning.

Beyond economic and infrastructure issues, there is a profound desire for leaders who genuinely care about the people.

Kabelo, also from Midrand, summed it up: "We lack servant leaders in our country, in Africa."


Kabelo’s words reflect a deeper craving for authentic leadership—leaders who are not just visible during elections but are also present and proactive in addressing the everyday challenges faced by ordinary South Africans.

The voices of Prudence, Tukiso, and Kabelo are a call to action for both politicians and voters.

They urge a collective effort to build a future where every South African can thrive.

As the nation waits in anticipation, today’s elections promise to be a defining moment for change in South Africa's ongoing journey toward a brighter, more equitable future.

  • by Gabrielle Matthew

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