AVBOB Celebrates Milestone with 70th Container Library Donation at Sezela Primary School

Providing a significant boost in literacy and educational resources, AVBOB has proudly handed over its 70th container library to Sezela Primary School, marking a continued commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for underserved schools across South Africa.

This initiative, part of AVBOB’s Corporate Social Investment, not only enriches the lives of the learners but also underscores the importance of public-private partnerships in achieving the goals set forth in the National Development Plan for 2030. 

The newly donated library was constructed from refurbished shipping containers by AVBOB Industries in Bloemfontein. It is fitted with solar panels and stocked with 3 000 books. Mrs R Bridjarj, Principal of Sezela Primary School, expressed her gratitude, noting the transformative potential of the library. “Our vision is for every learner to become today’s reader and tomorrow’s leader. This library is a crucial resource in realising that vision,” she said. The school has committed to dedicating at least 30 minutes of each learner’s day to reading. 

Since the donation of its first container library to in 2013, AVBOB has expanded its vision far beyond the initial goal of 10 libraries. “The response from the communities and our recognition of the profound need for access to quality reading resources motivated us to extend our project,” stated Carl van der Riet, CEO of AVBOB. He highlighted that AVBOB's mutual status amplifies their commitment, “We share our profits with our members instead of shareholders, reinforcing our belief that no one has ever become poor from giving.”

Over the last decade, AVBOB's Container Library initiative has made a profound impact, reaching more than 63 000 learners and distributing over 200 000 books across 70 libraries, with a total investment nearing R35 million. This financial year alone, the initiative has expanded to include six additional schools, each benefiting from an investment exceeding R500 000. 

In his closing remarks, Van der Riet emphasised the broader significance of these efforts, stating, “Our commitment extends beyond individual achievements; it's about how we foster community growth and development.” This reflects AVBOB's dedication to not only education but also nurturing the societal fabric of the regions they serve.

AVBOB remains dedicated in its support of education and community development, ensuring that children have the opportunity to explore new worlds through reading to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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