AVBOB Consumer Education 2024 - The importance of life insurance and related cover


Your financial wellbeing starts with financial literacy. The more you know, the better equipped you are to plan and manage your finances.

AVBOB proudly brings you Mutual Wellness in 60 Seconds, a series on financial wellness matters, and all things ‘mutual’. 

As Africa’s largest mutual society, AVBOB takes your financial health seriously.

In the video below, we look at the importance of life insurance and related cover.

Life insurance and related cover

Life insurance can be taken out no matter how young or healthy you are.

It’s common for single individuals,  just starting their careers, to prioritise disability cover or serious illness cover. But if you’re concerned about the financial burden your passing may place on your loved ones, then life cover is advisable.

The policy pay-out will help settle existing debts such as those on your house and car, or help care for your dependants, for example, paying their school fees. 

Did you know that AVBOB offers Life Cover with their Lifestyle policy?

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