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AVBOB Legal Assist: Making quality legal services accessible

[SPONSORED] It is critical to ensure that more people have access to quality legal services. This means closing the gap between the vast need to increase the availability of legal services and the high cost of litigation in South Africa.

South African common law recognises as fundamental “the right of the individual to legal advice and legal representation”, which is at the heart of building empowered and thriving communities.

AVBOB, Africa’s largest mutual society, has launched a new national product called AVBOB Legal Assist, which provides for legal advice as well as litigation cost cover. The product is structured to provide sufficient coverage on a range of legal issues.

AVBOB Legal Assist aims to provide both AVBOB members and the public with access to affordable and quality legal services – a combination that is not always possible or readily available to the general public.

AVBOB CEO, Carl van der Riet, noted that, due to its mutual status, AVBOB aims to create shared value through its products and services for the benefit of its members and their communities.

“Financial challenges are a big factor for many people when it comes to seeking proper legal assistance; however, this does not mean that they do not need it. The economic times in which we find ourselves are tough, and our approach aims to provide affordable legal support to anyone who might need it,” added van der Riet.

According to legal reports, a number of barriers, including inadequate resources and a lack of knowledge about legal rights and the legal system, compromise the ability of people to access legal services. Furthermore, out of a population of almost 60 million people, South Africa reportedly only has around 30 000 lawyers working in private practice. Legal Assist thus intends to make affordable legal assistance available to the ordinary person on the street.

AVBOB Legal Assist offers a three-tiered product package. The level of cover and the number of legal issues covered increase as the tier increases: the higher the tier, the more cover one gets.

The product is underwritten by Guardrisk, which holds a non-life (traditionally known as a short-term) insurance licence. Legal Guardians will perform all the administrative functions (such as issuing the policy, ensuring that premiums are received etc.) and provide the actual legal assistance.

Legal Guardians has an extensive national panel of attorneys with varied specialities, which enables them to assist clients in all facets of the law covered in their policy in any jurisdiction of South Africa.

*For more information on AVBOB Legal Assist, visit: https://legalguardians.co.za/avbob/

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