Insurance policies: Relief in the face of financial hardship

SPONSORED - Consumers are struggling to make ends meet during these tough financial times. In a high-inflation environment, insurance policies are often one of the first expenses to be cut – depriving people of much-needed protection against unexpected events. To avoid the added financial stress that this can cause, it is important to research both the relief mechanisms and benefits offered by insurance providers.

If you struggle to make ends meet and your expenses exceed your income, it’s time to revisit your budget. List all your expenses – everything you have to pay for and buy – even the smallest expense. Once you’ve done that, you can decide what to cut from your budget.

People tend to cut insurance policy premiums first. However, this can cause bigger financial problems in the long run. Insurance policies provide financial protection and deserve further consideration.

Instead of cancelling your policies, review them and weigh up their benefits and find out what relief mechanisms are available to you to keep the most important ones.

Value for your money

Having enough insurance for life’s unforeseen circumstances can be affordable and it’s putting your money where it matters most. According to Adriaan Bester, AVBOB General Manager: Corporate Affairs, “The key to affordable insurance doesn’t necessarily lie in a large premium amount but rather in optimising the value of your policy.” A smaller monthly premium can still amount to a large pay-out.

Another thing to keep in mind is the benefits of your policy. At AVBOB, we help our customers to get better value for their hard-earned money by adding benefits to our insurance products. One example, Bester notes, is the AVBOB Cashback Funeral policy*: “It gives policyholders extra benefits in the form of cash back for every five claim-free years.” If you don’t claim from your policy for the entire five-year period, you qualify for the entire fifth year’s premiums back in cash – a financial boost for you budget.

Another fact of the times we live in is the need for financial relief mechanisms. “We’ve long ago put such measures in place to assist our policyholders and members,” says Bester. “For example, AVBOB offers members a six-month premium holiday in the event of retrenchment. Rather than letting your AVBOB insurance policy lapse, we urge you to call us and find out how we can help you.”

‘We’re here for you®’

We’ve served South Africans for over a century, which means we know that despite the financial challenges a person may face today, planning ahead makes all the difference when it’s needed most. Financial worries in a time of loss is the last thing the bereaved need and by staying true to our brand promise we aim to insure that doesn’t happen.

As a leader in the funeral insurance and funeral service industry, AVBOB provides a full-service offering. Everyone deserves an affordable funeral insurance policy that ensures a dignified farewell. At AVBOB, ‘We’re here for you®’ means we have an insurance product to suit your budget without you having to sacrifice your monthly needs.

“We encourage our customers to contact their local AVBOB representative, or call us on 0861 28 26 21, to talk about the insurance products and relief mechanisms available to them so they can remain part of the AVBOB family,” concludes Bester.

*Terms and conditions apply. FSP 20656.

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