Calls for use of technology to improve border security


JOHANNESBURG - The issue of illegal immigrants continues to be a concern.

There are growing calls to urgently address the border management problem.

Some experts claim the country needs to look into using technology to curb illegal immigration.

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Governance expert Victor Mlambo said, "First of all, we are actually experiencing very problematic undocumented migration issue together with cross-border crime."

"I do support the deployment of the army and the various private contractors that we have around the country's borders."

"We have a coastline, a border, that we share with six countries, around 4,532km and you need a lot of help and support you can deploy to try to help the manpower: that is the army and private contractors that you need to help."

"The technology aspect is there to assist, not to be a permanent feature."

"It's there to assist and ensure those on the ground get real-time intelligence."


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