Ramokgopa: We’ve ramped up on planned maintenance

PRETORIA - Electricity Minister Kgosietsho Ramokgopa says they're expecting more units to come back online.

Eskom has ramped up efforts to curb rolling blackouts.

Ramokgopa says they carried out a significant amount of work during the winter period.

"Remember, as part of our winter plan was to say that we’re going to reduce planned maintenance.

"Considerably we’ve done a significant amount of work as we entered the winter period and we’re going to cap it at about 2,000MW," he said.


He stresses that they will not compromise on planned maintenance because it will help build resilience in the generation units.

The regular tripping of units in the power grid requires more attention.

Ramokgopa says they’re investing more on those units to ensure reliability.

"I think an area that requires attention is for us to undermine the regularity units tripping. That’s why planned maintenance is key.

"Because our ability to undermine what we call unplanned loss factor."

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