No time for cell tower batteries to charge: expert

Mobile networks are taking strain as power cuts hit cell towers causing network disruptions. Mobile users have reported not having signal during rolling blackouts. The outages are preventing batteries from fully recharging. Science, Technology and Engineering Specialist Stuart Perry speaks to #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - It's becoming extremely difficult for mobile operators to keep networks online during stage 5 and 6 blackouts.

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Power cuts are disrupting networks as backup batteries don't have time to fully recharge.

Consumers are venting their frustration as cell towers struggle to stay on.

Science, Technology, and Engineering specialist Stuart Perry said, "I think for network providers this may not be a popular opinion but I feel sorry for them they are in a difficult position at the lower stages you can handle it you have battery backup and there is time for the batteries to charge but from stage four it is difficult."

"The cellphone towers need time to charge about 12 hours plus to charge the batteries."

"What the larger networks are doing is MTN are using like 4,000 litres of fuel a month... it is really just about having time... networks towers are interlinked... I've worked with some of the tower companies in the past and there is also the issue of battery theft they are being hit by every angle so its a very difficult situation for everybody."


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