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'Please Call Me' turns 23 | Inventor says he doesn’t know life without the court case


JOHANNESBURG - The 'Please Call Me' feature is 23 years old.

Inventor Nkosana Makate says that he doesn't know life without the court case.

The court battle between him and Vodacom has been dragging on for 15 years.

Makate maintains that the R47-million offer by the mobile giant is not a fair amount.

"There is an order currently before the SCA," he said.

"There is a clear formula and determination ruled on by Justice Hughes and I've always maintained that with that formula we should be okay." he added.

Should he win the case, Makate said he'll take some personal time.

"For me it's just to unplug a bit and take some time.

"I’ll see where I go, maybe to India and meditate a bit."

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