Bidvest | A South African bank born out of business

Born out of business, the entrepreneurial spirit is deeply ingrained within the Bidvest Bank business ethos. The bank embodies the vision of the Bidvest Group which is to turn ordinary companies into extraordinary performers, delivering strong and consistent shareholder returns in the process, while understanding that it is the people that create wealth; companies only report it.

Customer-centric approach

At its core, Bidvest Bank believes in building strong relationships with its clients and offering forward-thinking solutions that sets them apart from their competitors. They are a business bank for any season, understanding that as their business clients transition through different phases they require different banking solutions.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Business owners know that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to banking, which is why every business client at Bidvest Bank is paired with a dedicated relationship manager. These managers can guide their clients through various seasons by taking the time to truly understand the unique needs and aspirations of their businesses. Through a comprehensive assessment process, they tailor structured solutions to elevate their clients' businesses to the next level.

Investing in the client's vision

“Our focus is firmly on the future, and our business banking solutions are crafted to drive growth, meet long-term goals, and ensure positive outcomes. Whether you need fleet and asset management finance, international trade facilities and investment opportunities, we can help you maximise your business returns and bring your vision for the future to life,” said Hannah Sadiki, Managing Director: Bidvest Bank; Chief Executive Officer: Bidvest Financial Services.

Fleet Finance and Management

“Our vehicle and asset lease agreements are designed to fit our client’s business needs and fleet objectives. They are able to lease the vehicles and assets as and when they need them. And they only pay for usage since the vehicle ownership remains with Bidvest Bank,” explained Sadiki.

The vehicles come standard with increase security, tracking, and monitoring, as well as registration and annual licence renewals – leaving the client to focus on what matter most to them. Another benefit is paying a fixed monthly fee for a vehicle, and first option to buy (if there is a nominated residual value less than Bidvest Bank).

Vehicles also come with managed maintenance which is undertaken by a skilled and experienced maintenance team. “We ensure that only authorised and necessary maintenance costs are incurred leaving our clients with peace of mind that maintenance on their vehicles is proactively managed,” said Sadiki.

Elevating the business banking experience

“We are finding that many of our clients are responding positively to our personalised approach and forward-thinking solutions. They also value our commitment to digital innovation. We believe that our bank is the ideal partner for businesses looking to elevate their banking experience,” concludes Sadiki.

Bidvest Bank remains committed to building strong and lasting relationships with its business clients by recognising the individuality of their needs. With dedicated relationship managers at the helm, the bank ensures personalised guidance and support tailored to each client's unique circumstances. Bidvest Bank empowers businesses to thrive and succeed in today's dynamic market landscape acting as a trusted partner ready to navigate the challenges of all seasons.

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