SA's electricity crisis | Keep the lights on, affordably

The energy crisis is having a devastating effect on big business and the ordinary South African. Is government doing enough? Here to expand on some of our options is Jon Kornik, the CEO of Plentify speaks to #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - We are in for at the very least another two years of rolling blackouts.

Jon Kornik of energy technology company, Plentify, says cheaper alternative power sources need to be found.

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He says at the moment only the upper and middle classes can afford it.

Kornik says there are examples to follow in the rest of the world.

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"If you look at the US, they have a really rich vibrant rooftop solar sector. 

"Ultimately what they've done there is introduce incentives at state level requiring those states to procure a certain amount of clean energy.

"Those are regulatory targets that they have to meet and as a result they introduce incentives for people to install rooftop solar."


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