Sassa grants | Postbank halts ATM payments for December

SASSA beneficiaries are being advised to withdraw their grants at retailers this month. This follows Postbank's decision to halt ATM withdrawals, citing card fraud. Postbank spokesperson Dr Bongani Diako has more details. #dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - Postbank has suspended ATM withdrawals for Sassa beneficiaries for this month due to card fraud.

It's advised recipients to get their grants at retailers.

Spokesperson Bongani Diako says their system detected suspicious activities.

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He says the matter is currently being investigated.

"As you may recall that a couple of months ago Postbank reported in Parliament that we had experienced fraud," he said.

"We then put measures in our system to then be able to systematically detect that and that is what has led us to now suspend payments on ATMs this time around."


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