De Ruyter: Eskom paying for past sins

Eskom once again shifts the blame to previous administrations for rolling blackouts.

CAPE TOWN - Eskom is once again blaming the previous administration for the continuous power cuts.

Outgoing CEO Andre De Ruyter says the power utility is today paying for past sins.

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De Ruyter says 95 percent of blackouts would not be happening if the previous Eskom executive had made different decisions.

He was addressing Parliament's Standing Committee on Public Accounts earlier.

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"Instead of regularly servicing your car, you run it until it breaks, and then when it breaks the cost of fixing the car is significantly higher.

"This is the situation we're in today, we're paying for sins of the past," De Ruyter said.

De Ruyter says while the power utility expects blackouts to ease over the next 18 months, he wouldn't count on an end to power cuts.

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