Dept of Education putting measures in place for Hammanskraal school water supply

Gauteng Education says schooling has not been disrupted by the Hammanskraal cholera outbreak. A three-year-old died in hospital, while two other children have been discharged. Let's find out what interventions are being made from Gauteng Education spokesperson, Steve Mabona. #dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - As the investigation into the source of the cholera outbreak continues, the Gauteng Education Department has put measures in place to make sure pupils in Hammanskraal have access to clean water.

The department's spokesperson, Steve Mabona, says some schools already have boreholes.

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He said, "We assisted schools to have boreholes, not [to] rely on the water that will be coming solely from the municipality, but also have boreholes so that in the event there are challenges then they can use the boreholes, they have tankers, and we have Hammanskraal service providers who will then be supplying water to the identified schools and not all schools have a challenge of water, but those that have been identified."

"We then have to augment and supply water, now with this challenge, we had to appoint another service provider so that we don't have shortage in the identified schools."


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