Human Rights Day | Mashaba says the ANC has let SA down

ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba has laid a wreath in honour of the 1960 Sharpeville massacre victims. eNCA Reporter Manqoba Mchunu has more details. #eNCA #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Human Rights Day commemorations stir up mixed emotions when considering the living conditions of many South Africans according to Action SA leader Herman Mashaba.

He says the ANC government has let South Africans down, and they will pay the price in the 2024 general elections.

WATCH: Human Rights Day | The story of Sharpeville

Mashaba was speaking at the Human Rights Day celebrations in Sharpeville.

He said, "it's the day that actually filled with mixed emotions. Emotions of sadness, emotions of celebrations because these are the people who gave their lives for us 63 years ago."

"The emotion of total disappointment that 29 years into our democracy you look at the living conditions of people of Sharpeville, people of Gauteng and people of South Africa, unfortunately 29 years of ANC government that has let us down."

"We're saying to South Africans let's soldier on and let us respect our constitution and our democracy, come 2024 elections we got to remove the ANC out of government like we did in 1994 removing the National Party government that caused the death of our people in 1960."


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