Janusz Waluś | Court process was abused - SACP

#eNCA reporter Pule Letshwiti-Jones has been following the story. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - SACP leader, Solly Mapaila say Janusz Walus's lawyers have never apologised to Chris Hani's family.

He believes the entire process has been abused.

WATCH | Tripartite Alliance march over Janusz Waluś release

The Tripartite Alliance is protesting against Janusz Waluś who has been ordered to be released on parole.

At the same time, ANC MP, Pemmy Majodina says Waluś must rot in jail. 

She says Walus has not yet revealed the whole truth about Hani's death and does not deserve to be released. 

Walus has been behind bars since the assassination of Hani in 1993.

#eNCA reporter Pule Letshwiti-Jones has been on the ground for us. #DStv403


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