Operation O Kae Molao | Over 900 wanted suspects arrested

Gauteng's Okae Molao is in Springs in Ekurhuleni. Part of the operation is to deal with illegal miners. Heidi Giokos has more. #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Police Commissioner Elias Mawela says Operation O Kae Molao has yielded positive results.

Over 900 wanted suspects have been arrested since Wednesday.

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At a roadblock on Thursday morning, another suspect was found in possession of mandrax tablets.

Mawela explained, "as usual, O Kae Molao we started with detectives looking for wanted suspects and they’ve done extremely well, 987 wanted suspects were arrested starting from yesterday [Wednesday] until early hours of this morning, and then we went for second phase that massive roadblock we had there, we have a successful roadblock because we have arrested one individual with mandrax tablets."

"I’m told that those tablets are worth more than R1,000,000, to us that looks like a supplier but our team are working on that, again on the roadblock we managed to recover one stolen vehicle and arrested total 21 undocumented persons, another team was doing  compliances inspections closed six illegal shebeens and alcohol was confiscated."

"Also eight vehicles were recovered of which foud we have confirmed they were stolen or hijacked and others their engines or vin numbers were tampered with."


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