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Public sector strike | Nehawu says strike will continue

Wage negotiations broke down last month.

JOHANNESBURG - Nehawu's planned public service strike will go ahead on Monday according to Nehawu President Mike Shingange.

That is despite the department of Public Service and Administration interdicting the strike.

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Wage negotiations broke down last month.

The department offered a 4.7-percent increase, while unions are demanding between 10 and 12-percent.

Shingange said, "we want to confirm the strike is continuing tomorrow. Leadership is already in place on the ground to continue the strike."

"People who don't want to negotiate will go to court but as for the rest of us as workers, we are going to the streets tomorrow. We are going on a strike nothing has changed. We have responded to the court order. The matter is before court. As of now, the strike is proceeding."

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