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DStv Channel 403 Saturday, 23 September 2023

Stop cholera outbreak | Mother says daughter died needlessly in hospital

A heartbroken mother in Hammanskraal believes her daughter would still be alive if she'd received better care after contracting cholera.

HAMMANSKRAAL - One Hammanskraal resident believes her daughter would still be alive if Jubilee Hospital had better facilities.

Wilhemina Mashimbye's daughter died of cholera that has hit the area north of Pretoria.

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She says people are dying because the hospital is not prepared to respond to the crisis.

So far 23 people have died in Hammanskraal, with one more death recorded in the Free State.

''I was scared because I knew I won't be assisted at the hospital. Health officials wanted to admit me to the Jubilee District Hospital," she said.

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"My daughter was in the casualty ward from Thursday to Sunday. They only took her to Ward 2 on Monday.

"This broke my heart. How can you keep someone in the casualty ward for four days? Even if you were to recover, how will you make it?

"If only they could get help and be safe. The casualty ward is crowded, they're all throwing up. Both men and women, it's a mess, you see."

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