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Blaming consumers for increase in demand for water "unacceptable": expert


JOHANNESBURG - Environmental justice activist and researcher Dr Ferrial Adam says blaming consumers for the recent water crisis is unacceptable.

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She says the blame for water losses and lack of infrastructure maintenance sits squarely with government.

The recent water shortages in Johannesburg have brought the spotlight back onto the country's permanent water crisis.

Adam said, "testing and quality of water goes hand in hand with the quantity of water."

"As the reservoir levels get low you could have more bacteria in those reservoirs."

"We are finding that the quantity of water and access to water is becoming a huge challenge..."

"This whole thing of blaming the consumers for increasing demand is unacceptable, I think that the water losses and the lack of maintenance on our infrastructure lays squarely on our water boards and utilities who have not done enough in the last ten years."

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