AVBOB shares mutual value with its members through the launch of its rewards programme

The Group launched its broad benefits AVBOB Member Rewards programme as part of sharing mutual value with its members. The rewards programme is free to all qualifying AVBOB members.

Carl van der Riet, CEO of AVBOB explained that AVBOB Member Rewards is part of the Group’s continuous efforts to share mutual value with its members. “It aims to demonstrate some of the tangible benefits that our members can enjoy as part of belonging to a mutual society.”

AVBOB’s mutual value proposition is the cornerstone of the business and is currently based on the addition of FREE funeral and member benefits to enhance policy benefits. In the 2022/2023 financial year, AVBOB provided over R450 million in FREE funeral services and products to its members. Through the introduction of AVBOB Member Rewards, the Group aims to extend its shared value to those who have been part of the brand’s journey. 

“Funeral member benefits are generally redeemed at a later stage of a member’s life or at the time of death. Therefore, a programme such as AVBOB Member Rewards is meant to benefit our members on a regular basis and enable them to reap all the benefits of belonging to a mutual society,” van der Riet said. 

AVBOB Member Rewards

To become an AVBOB member, one should have an active AVBOB policy. Certain conditions apply to the term of qualifying policies.

AVBOB Member Rewards is tier-based and aimed at progressively rewarding members for their commitment to the brand. Members will, among others, be rewarded for their long-standing membership, updating their personal information, participating in member engagement activities, and regularly interacting with the rewards platform.

Kebo Mosweusweu, General Manager: Shared Value and Sustainability at AVBOB, explained that members can unlock benefits through vouchers, grocery coupons and discounts offered across various categories such as groceries, health and beauty, transport services, airtime, and much more, which can be redeemed through a carefully selected network of reward partners.

“Members will be assigned to a tier according to the age (duration) of their oldest AVBOB policy. All members who have an AVBOB policy aged between 0-1 years automatically fall in the green tier, while those with policies that are aged 2-9 years fall in the bronze tier, and members whose oldest policy with AVBOB is 10 years and older, fall in the silver tier,” clarified Mosweusweu.

In addition, to make the programme inclusive and accommodate members who are not technologically savvy, Mosweusweu said they have opted for an omni-channel approach that integrates digital and non-digital channels, such as a web-based engagement portal, branch walk-ins and kiosks, and the call centre, among others, to improve accessibility and optimise member engagement and fulfilment.

All AVBOB members are advised and encouraged to register on the Self-Service portal and to opt into AVBOB Member Rewards: https://selfservice.avbob.co.za/connect/home).


AVBOB is a household brand of a 105 years. The AVBOB Group comprises AVBOB Mutual Assurance Society, which provides insurance products, and two subsidiaries – AVBOB Funeral Service and AVBOB Industries, which performs funerals, manufactures our coffins and funeralware. Being a mutual means that AVBOB has no external shareholders but instead has members who receive a share of AVBOB’s surplus profit. Our members are our policyholders, and our mutual status drives our purpose.

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