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Bidvest Bank is on a mission to transform international remittances



Bidvest Bank powered by Mastercard is offering a global payment solution on WhatsApp, called BidSend.

In an industry-first partnership, Mastercard and Bidvest Bank are offering individuals the opportunity to send money to over 100 countries, and they do not need to be a Bidvest Bank customer.

This international remittance platform makes use of the world-class Mastercard technology and offers BidSend users a platform to send international payments securely knowing that their funds will be safely received by their beneficiaries in minutes.

“There are so many reasons why BidSend makes so much sense. Not only can you transact on your mobile phone, but the payments are near real-time, and the costs are low. Another benefit of BidSend is that it allows senders to select their beneficiary’s preferred choice of pay-outs – either as cash, onto a mobile wallet, or as a bank account payment,” said Bidvest Bank’s Chief Financial Officer, Tendani Sikhwivhilu.

This innovative remittance platform puts payments at the user’s fingertips by providing them with familiar and easily accessible payments technology within WhatsApp.

Users can also settle their payment transactions using either a debit or credit card at any time. The fees associated with BidSend are lower than traditional international payments, making it more affordable and accessible for all. It also offers more options when it comes to managing international payments, and aligns with how the payments landscape is evolving to meet customer demands.

“For Bidvest Bank and Mastercard to be enabled through WhatsApp as a transactional channel, is a first for Africa. It leverages the latest technology to create an affordable and accessible solution that is cost-effective and efficient. By digitising money remittance on the WhatsApp platform, we are changing the payments narrative in the country, and we are ensuring it is inclusive by allowing anyone to use the solution and not just Bidvest Bank account holders,” concludes Sikhwivhilu.

To access BidSend, go to: https://www.bidvestbank.co.za/personal-forex/BidSend


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