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Is the JSE Top 40 a good investment?

The JSE is among the world's most significant hubs for buying and selling of stocks in thousands of African firms. It is the biggest stock market in Africa.


[SPONSORED] The JSE is among the world's most significant hubs for buying and selling of stocks in thousands of African firms. It is the biggest stock market in Africa.

The JSE established a number of indexes that collectively measure the overall performance of numerous economic subsectors, including the commercial, manufacturing and resource sectors, to offer novel ways for traders and investors to gauge the status of the market.

The Top 40 Index is the most important JSE index. This comprises the 40 biggest JSE-listed businesses. These are rated and weighted based on their relative sizes, and after tracking changes in the stock prices these businesses, the overall index is determined.

While the computations are performed by computers, which are refreshed with price fluctuations, the principles that are used to generate the index are clear and available to traders.

The JSE Top 40 is frequently used as a benchmark by both market watchers and people who are making investment decisions, since it is thought to be the best measure of the growth of JSE companies. But if you are planning to invest in JSE Top 40 companies in 2023, should you do so?

Is the Top 40 Index right for investors?

Like most similar indexes, the JSE Top 40 is set up to represent the total performance of the wider market. That means that if the index fully represents the market it is part of, investors who have a solid understanding of the businesses in that market, and of the underlying economic conditions, can gain by using that knowledge to invest in the index.

While the 40 businesses in the JSE Top 40 comprise fewer than 10% of all firms listed on the JSE, they represent an astonishing 80% of market value altogether. Therefore, it can be argued that the Top 40 accurately reflect the profitability of South African stocks.

The Top 40 will, just like any index, also show the structural stability or unpredictability of the market as a whole. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, increasing inflation and rising interest rates were among the key factors that caused economic upheaval in the world in 2022. The JSE Top 40 echoed this uncertainty, making it an occasionally risky investment that required the investor to exercise caution.

Consider the top 10

Focusing on the top 10 companies inside the Top 40 Index can be a shortcut to understanding the index. Nearly 60% of the market capacity of the Top 40 is represented by just 10 firms, and these top 10 have a greater impact than others on the Top 40 Index. So, it can be simpler to evaluate the Top 40 Index as a whole and make predictions about its future direction once you are familiar with these top 10 stocks.

How can I invest in the Top 40 Index?

If you are confident that you have an understanding of the main companies in the JSE Top 40, and of the underlying economic conditions, you may wish to consider investing. You can this in three main ways:

Individual stocks

Purchasing stock in several, if not all, of the Top 40 individual businesses is another approach to investing in the Top 40 Index. The top-performing equities can be selected from the Top 40 and by so doing, you may be able to maximize your chances of a good return. This strategy takes a lot of time and initial investments, thus it is only appropriate for people who have the necessary spare time and funds.

Top 40 ETF

All of the Top 40 equities inside the Top 40 Index are included in this investing fund. This ETF is available for purchase and sale, and the performance of the index as a whole will affect how much it is worth. For investors, ETFs provide an excellent mix of flexibility and diversification.

Mutual funds

A mutual fund has some similarities to an ETF but there are key differences. It is an investment option that pools the funds of numerous investors and uses them to follow the Top 40 Index. Mutual funds can only be bought at the close of trading, in contrast to ETFs, which can be acquired at any time throughout trading. They are also more expensive to trade in than ETFs and so are better suited for those investors who intend to hold on to their JSE Top 40 Index equity for a long time.


The JSE Top 40 Index, like all such indexes, is not a simple route to investment riches. However, if you are familiar with the main companies in the index, have a knowledge of the risks and an understanding of how the economy works, there are good investments to be found.




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