Devi | Cloned Cars, Car Book Value Conundrum and Brad Binder | 24 November 2022


Cloned Cars

Almost 200 cars are stolen in South Africa, per day -- that's more than 8 every hour. And while some of them end up in chop shops or across our borders, many are cloned right here with the help of corrupt officials and criminal syndicates who use sophisticated technology. Even big dealerships are being caught out. We investigate the growing phenomenon of stolen cars being legitimized and ending up back on showroom floors for sale to unsuspecting consumers.

Car Book Value Conundrum

It's been an accepted norm in the motor industry that car book values drop significantly over time. But what we've seen since global Covid lockdowns and car chip shortages, is an increase in the price of secondhand cars. And while that might be great news for consumers selling their vehicles, it comes with a double-edged sword if your car is stolen or written off. That's because car book values are still behind the curve - which means that if you claim from your insurer, there is a very good chance that you won't be able to replace your car even if it's insured at retail value. We speak to a consumer who found out the hard way and challenged the industry to close the gap.

Brad Binder

From the age of 12 this talented sportsman has travelled from track to track seeing the world, today his natural ability to race motorbikes has seen him flying the South African flag on many podiums. He’s now 26 and is making history. The Devi Show caught up with the fastest South African on two wheels, the rookie who became a world champion - Krugersdorp’s Brad Binder.


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