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DStv Channel 403 Saturday, 23 September 2023

SAHRC: KZN residents' rights to clean water violated


DURBAN - KwaZulu-Natal municipalities and water service providers have violated the right of the province's residents to clean, drinkable water according to a new report by the South African Human Rights Commission.

The commission says officials have been neglecting residents in their municipalities despite concerns raised on water issues.

Those in rural areas are most affected.

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SAHRC commissioner Philile Ntuli said, "The commission finds that in KwaZulu-Natal municipalities in general and water services, in general, have violated residents rights to access clean drinking water as provided for in international constitutional and statutory provision."

"This violation of rights is aggravated by the pervasive sense of neglect, disregard in some instances  contempt for peoples suffering and their attempt to engage with municipalities…the extent of the challenges experienced by communities evidence by the evidence tabled is profound and indicative of systemic failures in water provisioning and violation multiple human rights."

"The impacts of the rights livelihoods and dignities of communities is particularly aggravated in impoverished communities and vulnerable  households."

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