Sometimes, in the rush to get news stories out, our reporters have to stop to capture beautiful moments. 

Video Spotlight

  • Nespresso first discovered the potential of reviving a forgotten coffee when it ventured to South Sudan in 2011. The limited-edition Suluja ti SOUTH SUDAN became the country’s second export after oil and helped to diversify the economic base of the world’s youngest nation.

  • Nespresso announced the launch of Reviving Origins, a new programme to restore coffee farming in regions where it is under threat. Through its AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, Nespresso is working with farmers in regions that have been blighted by conflicts, economic hardships or environmental disasters.

  • Nespresso is investing CHF 10M over the next five years to revive the coffee industries in selected countries with the aim of encouraging rural economic development. The Reviving Origins programme is part of Nespresso’s overall commitment to invest CHF 500M from 2014 - 2020 in its overall sustainability initiatives.

  • It's been 50 years since the US launched Apollo 11, the first mission to land men on the moon.

  • Former president Jacob Zuma says he's been provoked for far too long.