Enyobeni tavern tragedy | Families want SAHRC to probe deaths


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JOHANNESBURG - Families of the victims of the Enyobeni tavern tragedy have turned to the South African Human Rights Commission for answers.

The Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance has made a written submission to the commission on their behalf.

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They want the commission to investigate what really happened on the night when 21 teenagers died.

The organisation says the Eastern Cape government, Eastern Cape Liquor Board and provincial police should be held accountable.

"We do believe the three spheres of government should be examined to explore their level of accountability," said Terri-Liza Fortein.

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"The legal drinking age is age 18 and we have seen the youngest victim is only 13, so why was our laws not being enforced, why are children not protected. Where were the authorities and building inspectors because we know the renovations of the tavern were illegal?

"So we want the SAHRC to investigate all that. We also want the NPA  to make good on their commitment to possibly review charges against the taven owners."


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