Maimane believes SADC visa review will help trade


JOHANNESBURG -  South Africa shares a border with six nations.

Lax border controls have increasingly become a problem, with the failing economies of some Southern African Development Community countries leading to a wave of migration - often illegal.

However, opportunities for trade within the bloc could help improve the situation.

Build One SA leader Mmusi Maimane says what's needed is a review of visa processes for SADC nations.

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He said, "I think the most crucial issue to look at is South Africa and its relationship to its neighbouring countries."

"It's been one that has not been strategic, it hasn't focused on South Africa's national interests and ultimately, has allowed dictators to thrive."

"Before anyone can stand up and say let's fix the border situation, let's recognise that we've allowed for Zanu PF not to do the job that they need to do..."

"So, it's a bit like someone saying water is leaking into my house but they refuse to fix the tap from which it comes from."

Maimane said efficient visa adjudication is an important part of the process.

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