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Thabo Bester escape a 'failed, botched inside job'

A manhunt is underway for Thabo Bester after his daring escape from Mangaung prison. Experts say there's no way prison officials could not have known about it.

JOHANNESBURG - Given the cameras at the Mangaung prison, it's impossible that no one saw what was taking place on the night of Thabo Bester's escape.

That's the view of the spokesperson for the South African Prisoners Organization for Human Rights, Golden Miles Bhudu.

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Rapist and murderer Bester was said to have died in a fire in his cell a year ago.

But it's now been revealed that he is alive and out of jail.

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His re-emergence has raised the possibility of corruption within Correctional Services departments and facilities.


"There are CCTV cameras all over the place, there is no way the guy that managed the main gate didn’t know what is happening," Bhudu said.

"It’s a failed, botched inside job and those responsible, including the minister, must get his head rolling."

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